What is the Smokey Blue Rally?

The Smokey Blue Rally is the inaugural fundraiser for registered charity Moyamoya Australia.

The rally is a ‘write your own adventure’ activity that will see participants visiting at least 5 of the 11 identified towns on the Atherton Tablelands while they search for tokens using cryptic clues.

Participants are registered in the family friendly event from all over the Tablelands and down the North Queensland coast. They will depart from their homes and collect their first token no earlier than 8am, then end their day at Undara Experience by 4pm.

You can read more about it here: www.smokeybluerally.com.au

Why is the Atherton Chamber involved?

The committee see the value in the exposure that the rally can bring to the Tablelands, whilst also supporting a worthwhile charity raising awareness for the rare Moyamoya Syndrome.

We understand the difficult times that our members are facing and we have sponsored on behalf of local businesses to help ensure a successful event.

The Smokey Blue Rally has already had significant media exposure, and we believe if we do this right, it will get plenty more for our region.

How can my business get involved?

1. Register your Business – It is free.

The easiest way to get involved is to register as a ‘BONUS POINTS BUSINESS’. As a Chamber of Commerce member this is free to be included. We will be promoting bonus points businesses in the rally participants Facebook group. We will also provide you with a poster to display in your shop window.

If a rally participant produces a receipt from your business (for money spent on 3/10/20) they will earn a bonus point.

Competition will be fierce, so participants will be doing everything they can to grab bonus points along the way.

To confirm, all we need from you for this involvement: 1. Register   2. Print a poster   3. Provide receipts for sales on 3rd October. 

Don’t miss this opportunity, register now, it takes 2 seconds:

We will email you a poster to print and display in your business on Saturday 3rd October.

More ways to get involved…..

2. Offer a Prize – optional

If you are in a position to offer a prize as sponsorship, we encourage you to contact events@smokeybluerally.com.au

The awards event is dinner and live music at Undara Experience on the night of the rally.

3. Dress up your Town

The Smokey Blue Rally organisers will be awarding a ‘Best Dressed Town’ prize. Dress up your business, or get together with your neighbouring businesses and dress up your street. Participants will be passing through Saturday 3rd October between 8am – 1pm.

4. Advertise in The Express Newspaper liftout

We have limited spaces available in a liftout in The Express Newspaper being printed on 30th September. All participants will be searching The Express for an answer to one of the questions – a great opportunity to shine a spotlight on your business. 1/4 page ad = $350. If you would like to share this space will some fellow chamber members please email info@athertonchamber.com.au

5. Volunteer some time

If you would like to get involved and help on the day of the rally at one of the 11 towns, please contact events@smokeybluerally.com.au  Please and Thank you! Volunteers are priceless.